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Italian food & beverage trade show

Bellavita is the leading Italian food and beverage trade show.

Bellavita Expo is a B2B platform dedicated to the promotion of Italian food and beverage through nine trade shows in London, Amsterdam, Toronto, Warsaw, Hamburg, Chicago, Guangzhou, Mexico City and Bangkok.

In 2018 over 1,000 Italian companies joined Bellavita Expo’s events around the world.

Below are the key features of Bellavita. 

Bellavita is the biggest artisan Italian food and beverages exhibition outside of Italy. Our Italian Pavilion hosts trade shows all around the globe – in Amsterdam, Toronto, Warsaw, Hamburg, Parma, Chicago, Guangzhou, Mexico City, Bangkok and London – to share its passion for authentic Italian food and high quality, bespoke products with the rest of the world. www.bellavita.com

The Italian Marketplace is an online platform exclusively dedicated to companies specialising in Italian food and beverage. It is a digital showroom where buyers and F&B professionals have the opportunity to discover authentic Italian products by an ever-growing database of artisan and industry producers. www.bellavita.com/en/marketplace/

Bellavita Shop is open for those in and visiting London in the thriving central hub of 11C Dock Street, E1 8JN; and in an e-commerce store, extending our delivery all over the UK & Ireland and Netherlands. Simply take a browse from our ever-growing range products to discover the excellence of Italy. www.bellavitashop.co.uk

The Bellavita e-shop brings the best of the Made-in- Italy products directly to your doorstep. Our favourite picks from the Bellavita Expo will be sold online and in our shop in Dock Street, with delivery to addresses all over the UK. We’ve whittled down the best products for you to choose from, to be with you in a matter of clicks, working with the top brands and partners that attend our Expo. www.bellavitashop.co.uk

Bellavita is keen to promote the culinary culture of Italy, which revolves around good food, and cooking from the heart. The Bellavita Academy takes place in the Bellavita House in London. Our specialist culinary experts host a range of Italian-inspired masterclasses, wine tastings and cooking themed events to help you discover the secrets of cooking true Italian classics. www.bellavita.academy

The Bellavita Awards provide recognition for the most exceptional and innovative products made in Italy. With both artisan producers and established brands, the awards offer a platform for over 250 judges - including top buyers and industry experts. The Bellavita Awards are a celebration of Italian provenance and authenticity.  www.bellavita.com/gb/bellavita-awards-

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